We're the next generation of leaders in tech. 

Our meetups provide leadership development and group learning opportunities for women (and non-binary people) of color.* As new and aspiring people managers and leaders in the tech industry, we're the trailblazers. 🔥


Women of Color are severely underrepresented in senior leadership positions.

Fixing this power imbalance will take time, but we’re getting there, together.


Why Techblazers?

We’re heartened to see recent push and attention for diversity efforts such as STEM education, college recruiting, etc. But let’s not forget to take care of the people that are already here. 

We want to make leadership development available across companies in the form of a community with some baseline of shares experiences as women of color.

We believe all ambitious professionals (not just WoC) can and should take a more active stance in managing their careers, instead of being dependent on specific employers.


Next Meetup

Thursday, April 5, 5:30 pm

SoMa, San Francisco

With lightning talks from our speakers:


Marco Rogers


Lyn  Muldrow

Hosted by


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What to expect


Real talk.

We aim to share insights into management and leadership that's most relevant for WoC.  Some talks will be recorded and made available, though some will be off the record to facilitate “real talk.”

For those allergic to the idea of “networking:” in addition to the main talks, our events include optional small-group activities around leadership dev and personal growth, including “Ask An Experienced Manager” booth.  


No propaganda, only value.

No  in-your-face recruiting. No talks that turn out to be ads for brands. Our speakers are carefully curated leaders with a track record of elevating WoC in tech.

Your contact information will not be shared with any company without your express permission. Our sponsors generously donate their resources to contribute to our shared goals, but *you* get to decide if you want to consider employment opportunities with them.


Commitment to Intersectionality.

We aim to have our community members feel like they have a place at the table, without questioning whether different parts of their identities are deemed real and acceptable.

Intersectionality allows us to take an analytical lens to social justice, and to band together and work towards solutions and progress.  

If you're curious, a brief explainer on the origins of the phrase "Women of Color."



Got a story to tell? Advice to share? We want to hear from you!

😎  Nominate someone, or submit a proposal.


We are

*Women of color

Those who identify as a woman, or non-binary, of non-white parentage, including but not limited to, African-American, American Indian/Native American, Arab, LatinX, Asian/Pacific Islander.  See more from

*New and aspiring leaders:

We offer no strict guidelines on who ‘qualifies’ as a leader, but to start: 1) thinking of moving into people management within 5 years, or 2) have made the jump in the last 5 years. We also fully support the indiv. choice to not pursue management.


Get Involved

Making our industry more diverse and inclusive is an on-going journey, and we're all experimenting in this effort!

Promoting WoC to leadership and management is one of the few D&I initiatives that have proven to actually work.

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We keep our costs low to make our content accessible for our community, and donate any excess proceeds. We'll be soon be sharing our budget for full transparency.