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Most of our content are lightning talks of ~10 minutes, with a few longer panels and fireside chats.

Overall, we encourage speakers to focus on substance and teaching. Imagine your younger self in the audience - what do you wish you could tell them about leadership development?

New to speaking? Apply anyway!

Not all of our speakers consider themselves experienced speakers, and we're happy to support WoC looking to develop their public speaking skills. 



Topics we <3

  • Specific-skills development: “Secrets to managing up” “How to effectively run meetings” “Position yourself for promotion by X” Setting boundaries, negotiation salaries, personal branding, we want to hear it all!

  • Developing & leading culture: although Techblazers is not a “Diversity & Inclusion” meetup, if you have stories of leading a team through a culture change that could inspire others, we’d love to hear it!

  • Experimentation and lessons learned: Did you realize people management wasn’t for you and decided to go back to an IC (Individual Contributor) role? Do you have advice for WoC interested in small startups vs. larger tech companies?